We believe your work is just that — your work. We believe that you should make the most money from your project. You will retain 100 percent rights to your manuscript.

Depending upon the type of book you are publishing, we will format the interior according to industry best practices for a high-quality presentation that keeps your book from screaming “self-published!”

Our affordable packages includes a unique ISBN, which are required for wholesale and retail sales. However, if you prefer to submit your own ISBN and publish under your own publishing imprint, our packages offer options to accommodate those needs, too. In either case, you keep 100 percent of the rights to your work.

If you’re interested, we also offer marketing support and promotional materials to help sale your book for up to, but not limited to, one year.

Books are available for order through online retail sales channels like Amazon. Books can be produced in paper format and eBook format. eBooks, as you know, are quickly gaining popularity as technology now allows you to read books on your smart phone, tablet, computer or a stand-alone eBook reader.

Finally, we print the amount of books you want us to print. We do not have a set number of books you must have printed.


And don’t forget, we also can handle magazines, business cards, flyers, media guides, etc.

Email us now to get started on your book.